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Fractional CFO

A fractional Chief Financial Office (CFO) offers a flexible solution tailored to the unique needs of your business. Whether you're grappling with financial complexity, strategic planning initiatives, or cash flow management, a fractional CFO can provide targeted support where and when it's needed most.


When to Consider a Fractional CFO

MSB Accounting Solutions
Advisory and Decision Support

You might need strategic financial advice and decision support for major initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, expansion into new markets, or restructuring. A fractional CFO can provide the necessary guidance and analysis to facilitate these decisions.

MSB Accounting Solutions
Cash Flow Management

Managing cash flow effectively is crucial for the sustainability of any business. If you're experiencing cash flow challenges or need assistance with cash flow forecasting and management, a fractional CFO can help optimize your cash flow strategies.

MSB Accounting Solutions
Cost Efficiency

Hiring a full-time CFO may not be feasible or cost-effective for your business, especially if you don't require their services on a daily basis. A fractional CFO allows you to access high-level financial expertise on a part-time basis, reducing the financial burden compared to a full-time hire.

MSB Accounting Solutions
Financial Complexity

As your business grows, its financial operations become more intricate. If you find yourself dealing with complex financial transactions, intricate budgeting, or sophisticated forecasting needs, a fractional CFO can provide the expertise necessary to navigate these complexities.

MSB Accounting Solutions
Financial Reporting Challenges

If you're struggling with financial reporting accuracy, compliance with accounting standards, or interpreting financial statements, a fractional CFO can ensure that your financial reporting processes are robust and reliable.

MSB Accounting Solutions
Lack of Financial Expertise

If you or your existing finance team lack the specialized knowledge required to address certain financial issues, such as tax planning, financial reporting, or strategic financial decision-making, bringing in a fractional CFO can fill that gap.

MSB Accounting Solutions
Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating financial risks is essential for business sustainability. A fractional CFO can assess your risk exposure, implement risk management strategies, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

MSB Accounting Solutions

As your business grows, your financial management needs evolve. A fractional CFO offers scalability, allowing you to adjust the level of financial expertise and support based on your current needs and growth trajectory.

MSB Accounting Solutions
Strategic Planning Needs

When your business is at a critical juncture, such as preparing for rapid growth, restructuring, or seeking investment, a fractional CFO can offer valuable insights and strategic planning expertise to help you make informed decisions.

S W I P E    F O R   M O R E


Let’s Connect Today

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We will show you what, specifically, is driving the revenue, profit and cash flow in your business.


We will uncover what your vision is for your business, and, together, we'll set targets for one-year and the next five years for the revenue, profit and cash flow drivers.


Each month, we will meet with you and give you a Scoreboard as well as an Action Plan made up of a short list of 'objectives' and 'next steps'. You will be crystal clear about what needs to happen in order for your business to hit your one-year and five-year targets.


How it Works

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